An Important Announcement from the Guild Board of Directors

April 22, 2020

As Guild  Members will know, H.M Government on the 16th April 2020 extended the Coronavirus lock-down for a further three weeks.
A complaint has been made today by a Member of the Public, received by the Secretary Jane Smith that a number of Town Criers have been out on the street making proclamations. This is not setting a good example to others and The Board of Directors strongly advises  its’ members to adhere to the Government Restrictions. To stay within the boundary of your property and to stay in the safety of your own Home.

Town Criers can proclaim from their front door, back door, balcony or window, front or back garden,  but  are to remain on their own property at all times please.

Crying in Public Places and in Area’s that attract crowds of people is not allowed under the latest restrictions.