“Battles in Tewksbury” by Town Crier Jan Swindale

March 10, 2020

Jan Town Crier for Llandrindod Wells brought greetings to the people of Tewkesbury before the commencement of their annual re-enactment of the Tewkesbury Battle of 1471.  Jan was greeted by host Crier Michael Kean-Price (dressed as a 1471 Herald), the Deputy Mayor of Tewkesbury and a contingent of the Colchester Guard, all suitably dressed.  Jan then gave her ,  “Cry” doing an admirable  battle of her own, but against the roar of the traffic shooting by outside the Town Hall in High Street. Then Jan and her hosts, proceeded to parade through town towards the battleground.

Tewkesbury’s efforts for this annual event is quite remarkable, banners hang from every shop. The Battle Tented Village and stalls contains all the hundreds of soldiers and followers who come from all over Europe to take part.  “We circulated all day and it was a wonderful experience, particularly when I was asked many times if I was the Mayor!” Jan exclaimed.
The day continued with a “court hearing” and “beheadings” and finished with Compline Service at Tewkesbury Abbey, which was very touching. What a wonderful day to add to Jan’s now very busy scrapbook.

Editors Note “Many thanks Jan for your post, looks like you had a marvellous day at a fabulous event and did Tewkesbury proud!”