Hastings 2021 68th National Championships and the 1066 Celebrations are Back!

October 18, 2021

Hastings 68th National Town Crying Competition

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This year held in Butler’s Gap in the Old Town, which gives some nice acoustics.Criers from around England took part on what started with a little light rain. Our host Town Crier Jon Bartholomew did mention he forgot the water, but the good Lord provided and we soon got a good soaking! Undaunted Jon carried on like a true pro, as we all huddled under umbrellas and shop fronts. The morning’s inclement weather was not enough to dampen our spirits though and we heard some great Cries and everyone was still enjoying it, even Jon I think who was tipping water out of his Tricorn hat! We also still managed to get some spectators.

With the morning Cries out of the way, the rain came to a halt. About the time I went back for my own umbrella! After a fine lunch and refreshment, at the excellent East Hastings Sea Angling Association (EHSAA) the Sun was even out and things dried up nicely and we got a good crowd watching this great event or as Alistair Chisholm says, this extreme sport!

A strong field and a close competition saw Alistair Chisholm win for a joint record 12th time. A remarkable achievement by a remarkable crier.

1st Alistair Chisholm, Dorchester, Dorset
2nd Andrew Fleming, Swanage, Dorset
3rd Stephen Holt, Morley, West Yorkshire
Best Dressed Jane Louise Smith, West Sussex
Best Dressed Escort Anja Fleming, Dorset

After which some of us stayed on for the Hastings 1066 Bonfire and Fireworks Procession. A burning torch-lit procession around Hastings, to the sound of drums and fire crackers. An army of Bonfire Society members, wheeling a huge Guy Fawkes, the Mayor and Councillors and a very privileged bunch or Town Criers. The Procession ended on the beach where a big stack of palates to celebrate the NHS was set ablaze and then the glorious fireworks started, to end off a wonderful day and night.All that was left was to soak up the atmosphere, go for a night cap or two and reflect on seeing Hastings back to it’s old traditional ways. An important night for the people of Hastings. A big thanks to the big man himself Jon Bartholomew for his patience, organisational skills and keeping us all in line. A great competition Jon you can be really proud of in your 23rd year!