John Davies RIP

June 12, 2022

Dear Guild Members,
It is with great sadness we report that John Davies, the town crier of Sandown IOW, has died after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Prior to passing away John managed to do our proclamation to HM the Queen on Saturday. John will be sadly missed by all those who knew him.

Our thoughts are with his widow and consort, Janet.

Their bells are silent now.
Their voices unheard.
Their lives of service will be recalled
and its message understood.
God be with them.

Their bells are silent now.
Their eyes no longer see,
for they are with their maker
their souls are set free.
But although they have left us now,
well meet again some day
and then at heavens gate
we will hear their loud OYEZ!

Christian will contact Janet tomorrow regarding John’s funeral.