Website Refresh Means More for Members

April 23, 2023

The keen-eyed among you will have noticed that we website has had a spruce up! There’s quite a lot that’s changed, so if you are a struggling to find your way around, please check out the main news article here.

The big difference for members is the members-only section, available via the Members menu. If you are not logged in, you will be shown a log in form and an article on joining the Guild (so that non-members who arrive on this page out of curiosity can be prompted to do the right thing!). You will need to log in here to get access to all the members-only material! If you do not have a login, email the Webmaster.

Once logged in, the log in form will disappear to be replaced with an option to log out again. The article about joining the Guild will also be replaced by three main downloadable resources:

  • Top left is a link to the current AHGTC Competition Rules. If you are attending a competition, or indeed planning on hosting one, this is a must-have resource.
  • Next to that is the current insurance certificate. Clicking this will open a copy of the certificate in PDF format ready for you to download and print off. We recommend you carry a copy of this with you at all times when out and about doing your crier stuff, as you may be challenged to prove you are insured.
  • Top right is a link to the director nomination form. Each year at the AGM, you have an opportunity to influence the AHGTC Board directly by voting for candidates who put themselves forward to serve. If you, or a Guild member you know, wishes to serve on the Board, use this form to nominate that person.
  • Smack bang in the middle of the page is a link to the current members’ Directory. This has been updated recently (May 2023) and opens up as a PDF document in a new tb in your browser. You can download it for offline reference, or just come back here each time you need it to be sure of the most up-to-date version.

Finally, at the bottom of the page, we have provided a feedback form. You can use this to submit articles or other news items, but you can’t send photos this way. We do recommend you submit articles to this email, however you can use this form to give direct feedback on the site. We welcome all comments, love or ire, and promise to respond to every suggestion if warranted.