Our thought are with…

June 06, 2020

Clive O’Shaughnessy

Our thoughts are with our dear friend Clive, Town Crier of Millbrook in Cornwall. Clive is no stranger to battling illness, sadly going through the pain of losing his dear and beloved wife Julie and fighting for his own health, he’s never lost his smile and generosity to others.

Clive now undertakes another tough battle, as he starts a new programme of Cancer treatment. Clive is one of the best of us, an ex Royal Marine, a man of integrity and a fighter, as well as the wonderful human being we know and love. Yet, with all that’s gone before, he must be in a hard place.

We all wish Clive the best, but I’m sure he would love to hear from you all, so please send cards, letters, emails, giving your best wishes, stories, letters, jokes, musings and ramblings to cheer him up. I’m sure Clive would really enjoy taking a rest and reading through all our nonsense in his own time.

Clive’s details can of course be found in the members section.
All the best to you Clive, keep your reading glasses handy!

Carole Williams

Our thoughts are with another one of our dear friends, the Town Crier for Bishop Stortford, Carole Williams, who we wish all the best. Carole is currently enduring a spell in hospital (not COVID-19 related). We all hope she is back home soon, fit and well again and she will be spreading her sparkle and light into the community, as soon as she is allowed. Carole’s details are available in the member’s sections if you would like to wish her well.