Ringing for England 2016

December 09, 2015
I am writing to you as the founder of the Campaign - 'Ringing for England'.
I was in contact with you earlier this year and thought I would set out the
aims of the Campaign again in the hope your Guild would consider being able
to participate in some way. The Campaign is not political and not
necessarily religiously focused.  Its aim is to encourage as many ringers to
ring out from as many towers as possible throughout the land to celebrate
St. George, England's Patron Saint, on April 23rd every year.  We have just
celebrated our 5th successful year.  In the past RforE has been invited on
to nearly all the BBC Regional Radio stations, have had messages of support
from the present Mayor of London, The Archbishop of York, the Bishop of
London, and many others and been the subject of articles by many local
newspapers and media.  Two years ago it was the main item on The Archers,
last year Country Life featured the Campaign and this year RforE managed to
get almost an entire episode devoted to ringing on BBC The One Show on April
23rd this year.
Whilst the above sets out how it is growing and gaining a wider audience not
just amongst the ringing fraternity, the reason for making contact with you
is that I would so love to encourage your Guild to be part of spreading the
good word within our cities.  Every year all the country's cathedrals that
can ring do ring.  The exceptions being Salisbury, Ely and Norwich who do
not have bells and some who might not be able to on the day for lack of
ringers but that is unusual.  Next year, 2016, is a Leap Year which jumps to
a Saturday so we are expecting many more ringers to take part and this
should also help recruit new comers to ringing. This is a once a year
project and Town Criers are a magnificent example of a visual and vocal
illustration of Englishness (though of course not specifically.)
If you should take part I will do all I can to bring your endeavours to the
attention of the media for your Cryers will be a hugely colourful addition
to the day.
The Campaign is now attracting interest from The Churches Conservation
Trust, The Landmark Trust and English Heritage who are actively engaged with
RforE to organise events for next year together with the Hand Bell Ringers
of Great Britain. 
My Best Wishes, Libby

Libby Alexander
Ringing for England Campaign - April 23rd 2016