Stephen Cunliffe – Update

January 03, 2024

UPDATE: Glad to be the bearer of some better news. I have just spoken to Caroline Cunliffe. Stephen has had his pacemaker fitted and is at home. He is still in a very confused state of mind. Caroline says she is being very well supported by family and needs nothing at present. She has promised to stay in touch.

Sad news for colleagues and friends, I’m afraid. Dear old Stephen Cunliffe, Dawlish, has been in hospital in Exeter. He is awaiting an op to fit a pacemaker. Sadly, it has also affected Steve’s mental health and, at the moment he is not entirely aware of his surroundings. I shall be keeping in close touch with dear Caroline and would ask colleagues to respect the stress she is feeling at the moment. There appears to be little we can do practically at present. God Save the King.